desh ([personal profile] desh) wrote2012-05-10 06:07 pm


In honor of Parenthood's renewal, my current TV watching:

Current shows, in approximate order of how much I like them
1. Parenthood
2. Sherlock
3. Arrested Development (yes, it counts as current, dammit)
4. NCIS (yeah, yeah)
5. Girls
6. House (got back in it to see the last half-season)
7. Suburgatory
8. New Girl
9. Modern Family (would be higher if Cam weren't so annoying this season)
10. Glee
11. Law & Order: SVU
Honorable mentions (shows I'm kind of halfheartedly following a bit): Happy Endings, Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23, Best Friends Forever

Past shows, actively watching or between seasons
1. The Wire
2. Srugim
3. In Treatment

Past or present shows I might watch back seasons of at some point
1. Parenthood
2. Sports Night
3. Friday Night Lights
4. Freaks and Geeks (seriously still haven't seen it)

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