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Wow. Big decision. Thank you for sharing both your decision and your reasoning.

The one thing you haven't talked about here, that I would think should be a major part of this decision (or it would be for me), is the role of your community.

I think we both found it a little awkward when living together, as generally shomer shabbat roommates, that you went to work and I had a yom tov on Shavuot, but that's not really what I mean.

I hate Simchat Torah, mostly because it comes at the very end of too many holidays. But Minyan Tikvah Simchat Torah is pretty awesome. As a leader in that community, how will your decision influence that community's decisions to celebrate or not celebrate certain holidays?

Even aside from Miyan Tikvah, you may still want to attend some Jewish events on days that are no longer yom tovs for you, just because they're fun. Like second night Passover seders with good people, or simchat torah with your community. There are halachic issues with that, like saying or not saying kiddush on a day that you are not sanctifying. There are semi-halachic issues with that, like not getting to hear all of the right torah portions on the right days for a 1DYT schedule, as Charles pointed out to me on Shabbat. And there are social issues with that, like not sharing in all of the celebrations your friends are having, or showing up because it's fun but bringing along your cell phone, which is jarring given your normal shabbat practice.

None of which should necessarily sway your decision, and all of which you will learn to navigate as you actually start living your new 1DYT lifestyle. I'm just surprised it didn't enter into your discussion with yourself.

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