( Mar. 6th, 2012 10:50 pm)
Yes, BZ was right. At least about me. With this post, I am announcing my decision to become a "1-day yom tov (1DYT) Jew", rather than the "2-day yom tov (2DYT) Jew" I've been (with some exceptions) up until now. This is effective immediately and indefinitely. This is a decision I am not taking lightly at all, and I'd like to write a bit about the background of the problem and my thought processes leading up to this decision.


A brief aside -- why am I deciding now? Because there are no major holidays right now. )


Background of Jewish holidays and their length )

Why add a day? )


But shavuot is weird )

Does the law need to be reasonable? )


OK, so that's where I've been for awhile. There are 1DYT people, and they're following a legitimate minhag. I adopted their minhag when it comes to Shavuot, but I still accepted the reasoning, the nod to history and messengers, when it comes to 2DYT for the other non-Shavuot holidays. So what changed?

Israel )

Modern sensibilities and modern teshuvot )

And, finally, deciding )

And I'm confident in my status as an authentic, independent, actualized participant in the living conversation of Jewish law, practice, and life.



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