desh ([personal profile] desh) wrote2012-06-11 11:14 am

Shabbats this summer

Because I'm crazy:

5/25: Silver Spring, MD (and for Shavuot too)
6/1: Philly (Minyan Tikvah, and a wedding Sunday!)
6/8: Boston (and a wedding Sunday!)
6/15: Philly (no plans yet)
6/22: Philly (and possibly New York on Saturday night to Sunday)
6/29: Wilmington, DE (and a wedding Saturday night!)
7/6: Philly (no plans yet)
7/13: Brooklyn
7/20: DC
7/27: Philly (no plans yet)
8/3: Philly (Minyan Tikvah)
8/10: Rindge, NH
8/17: Schwenksville, PA

Yes, that's 13 straight weeks where I might be home for Shabbat less than half the time. We'll see how nuts I actually am...

[identity profile] 2012-06-12 01:33 pm (UTC)(link)
That is both impressive and crazy! Also, I thought July Tikvah was the weekend of the 13th... but you said you'll be away then, so now I'm confused.